Our Legacy

Comus Point of Sale systems began in 1976, with Fred Ihrer creating the software package that would come to be known as Comus. His keen insight in software development was tethered with talented professionals within the food service industry to create a leading suite of programs for implementation in any restaurant, bar, or fine dining establishment.

Our Lead Software Developer, Jeremiah Cameron joined the team in 2005 and immediately made himself indispensable by redesigning the implementation of our back office suite and is always seeking new way to improve upon the solid foundation that Comus has. Having inherited the software from Mr. Ihrer, he understands, protects, and enhances the legacy of Comus Software, while also ensuring that it can thrive and adapt in the modern industry.

This amazing combination of both development experience and field experience with the food service industry makes Comus uniquely situated to apply our skills to the future growth of our clients.