Where We Are Heading

Comus isn’t satisfied with being set in stone. We continue to evolve and adapt to our client’s needs and undergo development at all times. This ensures that our product is not only dependable but flexible and adaptable. We have exciting products always in the works and bring our clients into the development cycle by constantly receiving critically important feedback and recommendations. For us, it simply isn’t making our product – it’s about making our¬†product for our client’s success.

We constantly seek new functionality to implement into Comus and continue to increase the versatility that it gives our clients. Researching new methods to increase productivity in the food service industry allows us to see new paths for development and tying in our clientele into our circle for functionality advice has proven to be successful.

Here are just a few features that were client-requested:

  • Gift Card enhancements- To help increase internal revenue flow for our business partners, we have established an easy to use and easy to maintain gift card system.
  • Super Pages Concept – This allows for extraordinary flexible in terms of customization on items for sale. Successful implementations include: Pizza, Subs, and Specialty Coffee.
  • Credit Card Processing – We have devoted time to establishing support for credit card processing, allowing our clients to easily add this popular payment method to their establishment with simple and secure integration.

Comus continually ventures into new features for our clients to ensure our product assists them in enhancing their business.