Solid performing hardware underlies the increased performance that Comus offers our clients. We have a range of options suited to our client’s work environments.

POS system models:

Ixion- The Ixion is our baseline slim model that allows full functionality with a small profile, perfect for bar environments where space is a premium. Includes wall brackets for mounting onto almost any surface.

Ixion XL – The Ixion XL is the upgraded model of the Ixion with a larger form factor, which supports for sturdier platform for fine dining environments where assembling a ‘workstation’ environment is preferred.

All In One – These units comprise both a Touch Screen monitor and a computer built in together. These are the top of the line units that allow for almost instantaneous deployment in any kind of environment!


Comus supports the following printer models and easily procures these for our new clients:

  • Epson TM-88
  • Star SP700


Back Office Units:

Practically any standard modern PC can support Comus Back Office due to the unique low profile requirements our Back Office has. We can either partner with our clients to see if their hardware on hand can support Comus Back Office or procure a unit for our clients. It’s easy with Comus support!


All our hardware will have service warranties and maintenance contracts available as well, to ensure that your equipment functions when you need it to!