Quick Service Counter

Comus Software’s ‘Quick Service Counter’ is designed specifically for the nuances of the fast food, carryout/delivery, and cafeteria industries. It is the perfect solution for a single work station or a high volume, multi-workstation.

  • Modes for quick service counter, cafeteria and phone order entry
  • Supports scales, bar code readers and coin changers
  • Ability to share transactions between workstations, including drive-through mode
  • Unique pizza ordering screen
  • Integrates with phone-in customer database for instant retrieval of customer information
  • Integrates with phone company Caller ID
  • Easy hand off of transactions to delivery drivers for total financial responsibility
  • Unique delivery screen and reports
  • Fast 3 button cash sale including tender button
  • Ability to integrate sale of menu items, open items, SKU items and bar coded items in one transaction
  • Unique sizing buttons for drinks and similar items
  • Integrates with cafeteria database for prepaid and/or open (credit limit) accounts.

Example of Comus Counter interface