Specialty Items

Challenging menu items like pizza and specialty coffee beverages pose a challenge for a standard POS system, but Comus has our client’s covered! The “Specialty Item” touch screen acts like an on-off switch: when a button is touched, it lights up. When it’s touched again, it turns off. Hence an imaginative and ‘fully loaded’ pizza can be built right on the screen and dynamically modified until the customer is satisfied that the order is correct. The mocha of their dreams is just a few touches away from being properly ordered and sent to your eager clientele.

  • Supports carryout, delivery and dine-in
  • Driver banking or cashiering
  • Enter orders for pick up or delivery at a future date and time
  • Special ‘phone order only’ workstation
  • Customer database for instant retrieval of customer information including order history, and special instructions


Example of a ‘Pizza’ Super Page